Chinese Influence and Networks among Firms and Business Elites in the Netherlands

Cover photo: © Ralf Leineweber
Cover photo: © Ralf Leineweber

The report analyses the connections of Chinese business elites with Dutch and other international business elites, and how these interactions affect the activities of Chinese companies in the Netherlands. Furthermore, the report examines how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) organises itself abroad and the extent to which Chinese companies in the Netherlands are connected to, or influenced by, the CCP.

The research project was conducted by Professor Frank N. Pieke (Leiden University/ LeidenAsiaCentre) and Dr. Naná De Graaff (Free University Amsterdam). The project was funded and commissioned by the China Knowledge Network of the Government of the Netherlands. The China Knowledge Network aims to increase knowledge in the Netherlands about Chinese policies, motivations and visions, in order to contribute to more effective Dutch policy making. This research by the LeidenAsiaCentre addresses one of the topics that demands more knowledge.

Downloads accompanying the report (list of companies registered in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce with a sole Chinese owner and ownership structures of five Chinese companies) can be found here.

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