Dealing with decoupling from China: Business strategies in a changing world

©: Anja Bauermann / Unsplash
©: Anja Bauermann / Unsplash

On March 8, 2024 Frank Pieke and Bert Hofman gave a presentation at the Campus The Hague Leiden University about their research project 'Dealing with Decoupling'.

How do companies with business operations inside China deal with the push to decouple or de-risk. Over 60 companies from The Netherlands, Germany, Japan and Singapore were interviewed. The interviews, combined with extensive data analysis provided some interesting answers. One insight: most companies have already taken into account the pitfalls of doing business in China. Interestingly, the biggest worry is not the Chinese government, but policy changes coming from Washington. Some fear they may be confronted with sanctions for business activities that the US may decide are against American interests. The report therefore cautions governments against following US directives at any cost, but rather also take into account if this is in line with their own interests.

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